Wiping the floor at 2012 25 Mar 2011

Noticed an advert yesterday for jobs at the London Olympics next year. Haven't bought any tickets yet but the thought occcured to me that being a floor mopper at the volleyball would be ideal as it'd mean court-side seats to lots of games. Question now is, how do I tailer my CV to get this gig? "Plentiful cleaning experience", "I don't perspire", "My Reeboks don't scuff the floor"...

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Euston Church 01 Nov 2010

This is a plug for a new church in Euston. From their About page:

"We are a church community in the Euston area; part of the Church of England; and committed to putting the Bible at the heart of all we do. Whether you are working, studying or living in central London, we hope you'll find something for you here."

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Church iPhone apps 29 Oct 2010

The new iPhone app for St Helen's Bishopsgate is now out! If you want a version for your church, have a look at this document which contains details of what I need from you in order to make it. Do get in touch!

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Muting self-checkout machines 31 Aug 2010

Made a great discovery the other day. When at those annoying self-checkout counters you find in Sainsbury's or Tesco's, if you press the volume button so that it goes to max and then once more, the thing is muted. Bliss!

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Summer heat 10 Jul 2010

Life hack for the summer heat - When at the supermarket, get your wine / beer first and go pack it in with the frozen peas. Then do your shop and collect your chilled beverage before check out :)


Soul from Christianity Explored 28 Mar 2010

Christianity Explored are going to be launching a new DVD on May 13th. It's a ten-part series that will work with their CY course. For more info, go to Soul.

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Invictus. Good film, bad poetry! 12 Feb 2010

The 1995 Rugby World Cup Final is one of my favourite sporting moments. Mainly because Francois Pienaar, in the midst of the glory of winning, gets down on his knees to thank God. He also then leads the team in prayer. The film did actually portray this, but here's a clip of the actual event.

In complete contrast to this sentiment, the film focuses on William Ernest Henley's poem Invictus. It co...

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TheJesusComic 09 Dec 2009

TheJesusComic has been added to the App Store! This was an idea originally thought up by Jason Ramasami which I have been helping turn into an iPhone app. More info here.

If you have an iPhone and download it, let us know via Twitter what you think!

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