Apparently there's a word to describe people like me... (now don't be rude!). Half european, half Chinese or half Taiwanese people are called "eurasians". There are even sub-categories to these ethnic pigeon holes. For example, half Chinese, half Indian people are called "chindians." "Chindian" is an amusing word... I wonder if Jimmy Hill or Bruce Forsyth are honorary chindians? You don't see many eurasians like me around really. 0.3% of the US population I hear. Probably more amongst christian missionary families I guess. Some people meet me and you can see them trying to work out where I come from, find the middle ground between southeast asian and UK to conclude that I'm middle-eastern. Even one of my own uncles thinks I look like an Iraqi. Why not say I look like a taliban leader just without the beard. Cheers, thanks, I appreciate it. I'm eurasian... at least that's what it says on my pilot's license.