Got back to Heathrow from Taiwan last night. Didn't get DVT, didn't get SARS and didn't get much NAP! This was perhaps partly because I did actually have a bit of a cough and agitating my nervous neighbours with spluttering fits was quite amusing. But I'm shattered now. I see this whole SARS business has finally made the news over here. Loads of people were wearing face masks on my flight with good ol' Eva Air. Well, I just thought Phuket. You see, I made an observation that Phuket Airlines as far as I could tell didn't have any people in their lounges with face masks. Actually I think they're too small an airline to afford lounges... passengers are probably just bussed on board. But I mean, I share their point of view, those face masks probably don't help to prevent SARS at all. And they definitely would cause people's glasses to fog up. Walking into walls is a bit dangerous isn't it?

I like the Phuket world view. I could almost create an advertising campaign for them (if they could be bothered to have one). No pretty pictures, just text. Even though I can't write those squiggly lines, in English it'd be something like this -

Go from A to B with Phuket Airlines!

All of us here are followers of the "Phuk Way".

Phuk check-in - No need to check-in! And don't worry about Phuket-ting the tickets. Buy for cash at the cabin door!

Phuk safety - We pick someone with good hand-eye-coordination from you lucky lot to be pilot for the trip! And cabin attendants are chosen by a quick popularity contest whilst taking off!

Phuk luxury and style - Share floorspace and chitchat with the 799 other Phuket passengers strapped in with you! No chairs nor toilets means more Phuket friends!

Phuk food - The Phuk experience is such that you won't even have an appetite! Every Baht not spent on sickbags is a Baht off your Phuk boarding stamp! Who would want scolding hot coffee spilt all over you anyway?

Phuk films - Every trip is a drama of its own!


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