We have this intranet messageboard thing at work telling us about various things we need to fix. Today there was one that said, "Some of the plumes of smoke in the ***** demo are completely black for no obvious reason and the explosions have solid lines coming out of them when very close together..." First I thought "Not another thing to fix..." but then it dawned on me that actually mucking about on computer games all day, fixing them, playing them and getting paid for it is quite ideal really. A step up from not even having a desk or computer at my old job. Now I have a desk with two monitors from computers with a combined worth of ten grand (and space for a fan to keep myself cool).

Did you know that you have more computing power between your legs right now than NASA had to play with to put those guys on the moon? Mine like yours is more likely to make me go sterile than take me to the moon but nevermind.

(At least I haven't got SARS. The incubation time for that is ten days which I'm over now. Bonus!)