Have pretty much recovered from jetlag now. Got back home after 3 weeks in Taiwan early on Thurs. Was all ready for two full days of work before an epic sleep, but was not quite prepared for the cold front...! I was working on my tan when I left Taiwan! But it's good to be back. I seem to have spent most of this year away from home so far...

Taipei is my hood after all, and naturally, since I was chillin' with me homies, I tried some new things (and wimped out of others).

New things I tried:

  • Pearl Tea (see pics)
  • The Lantern Festival
  • Shabu Shabu (like Chinese Hotpot)
  • ShihLin nightmarket
  • Taipei 101 (tallest building in the world, see pics)
  • Mahjongg (money, money, money)
  • Taking the Taipei MRT (tube) wearing a paddy field hat.
  • Kirin beer.

Things I passed on:

  • Coagulated pig's blood... bloody!
  • Pig's ears... yucky!
  • Pig's trotters... muddy!
  • Fish heads... fishy!
  • Chicken feet... smelly!
  • Betel nuts... chewy!
  • Hot springs in WuLai... just plain dirty!

Anyone tried these?

Taiwan, jetlag, pearl tea