(This is my last sunburn related post I promise.) I think it's due to the discomfort this experience is causing me that I'm strangely really craving some skiing. Sure you can get very sunburnt on the slopes too but at least one is fairly well covered all over. And yes, severe sunburn is preferable to a broken leg, but I've really missed storming down a piste and frequently crashing in a similar manner to that almost gymnastic moment in the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano when Herman Maier lost his footing slightly. (Links to RealPlayer clips of those truly classic few seconds - high/low bandwidth.) I'll admit there is something morbid about my joy at watching high speed crashes and collisions. I do sort of look forward to a little catastrophe in anything from skiing to F1 racing. Isn't it sad that these sports are only exciting when one happens? There are a good few minutes of this sort of footage in Ultimate X, the IMAX film on the 2002 X Games. Highly recommended.

sunburn, Herman Meier, IMAX, X Games