If I wrote an email like this to you, thinking that you may have been an old classmate in school 14 years ago, would you write back?

Sorry if you're not the person I think you are, as reimbursement for the waste of time reading it I hope that this email may be of some mild amusement value at least...

Anyway... I was just looking on friendsreunited and thought your name was familiar. If you're the ****** I'm thinking of then you were at Durrington with me in a class taught by one 'Miss Webb' in 1988. You had very blond hair and had a best friend called ****** I think. My memory is terrible but if I remember correctly you once sank your teeth into this poor bloke in our class. You were a bad influence on me!

Don't know if you recognise my name though. I was the half-english-half-taiwanese one who used to try to play kiss chase with the girls in the class at breaktimes but would fail miserably...

Write back if that was you, it would be good to catch up.

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