Without trying to be a schismatic, one of the highlights of the Alpha Weekend was definitely the rugby result over the All Blacks. I think those who saw it would agree the Jonny Wilkinson is a modern day legend and that Lomu is still a freak of nature. That 67th minute run down the left wing with him handing off two, well, fairly big chaps and getting another quite beefy bloke to bounce off him like a ping pong ball was quite impressive.

Alpha was great though. Met loads of the others on the course and even found this Scottish girl who'd done oriental studies at Oxford and spoke mandarin! She'd even stayed in Taipei on a road just off the one where I grew up. Freaky!

Some insights into "Sunny" Eastbourne I must impart to you. Take my word for it, the club at the end of Eastbourne pier is not worth going to, and the sea is not worth swimming in either - though gladly I can say that this latter piece of advice is free, no first hand experience on my part. Mind you, the thing about the Mansion hotel putting the heating on full blast was true, but a dip in the water was a bit desperate perhaps!

Alpha course, Eastbourne