Question Bank 24 Feb 2009

Made a new mashup today called Question Bank. It uses the Yahoo Answers API to present the latest questions being asked there in an auto-updating feed. Some popular categories are sports, computers & internet and travel.

yahoo, answers, api, mashup

How to buy a car on eBay 21 Feb 2009

A friend of mine bought a car on the online auction site recently and got a really good deal. It's a great way to get a bargain, as long as you do some research.

There are lots of cars on eBay. Have a browse around eBay Motors. Or this car auction if you're based in UK.

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Play chess and have a webcam? 19 Feb 2009

ChessClock is software that functions as a digital chess clock and also takes pictures of the board after every move so that a time lapse video of the game can be made for analysis afterwards. The timer and webcam function could be useful for other two-player games like Scrabble, Go, etc.

game, software, chess, timer

Superbowl commercials 02 Feb 2009

Congratulations Pittsburgh Steelers. It was a pretty exciting game towards the end. The BBC coverage did however lack the much hyped Superbowl commercials. Got to give the marketers huge credit in managing to get people to actually want to watch them! Wish marketing my websites could be as effective...

Superbowl, marketing

How safe is that website? 27 Jan 2009

Google have just brought out their Safe Browsing Diagnostic tool to help reassure you of the safety or confirm the danger of a particular site. To check out a url, go to -[url]

Google, security

Obama inauguration 20 Jan 2009

The big day's arrived and as expected there's a lot of hype. But it is interesting to read up on some of the details and also see the list of previous inaugurations. Pretty sure the security has never been this tight though!

Obama, politics

iScrollr iPhone app 13 Jan 2009

iScrollr is an iPhone / iTouch application that lets you display a scrolling message. The text is large, can be displayed in a variety of colours and backgrounds. There are nine messages that can be preset and the ticker speed can also be adjusted.

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iScrollr, iPhone, software

Jack Bauer is back 12 Jan 2009

24 Season 7 kicked off last night. I guess that means another 24 marathon will be scheduled sometime later this year. As always there are bound to be some big surprises, though they've given away a few already in the trailer. Don't watch it if you don't want to know!

Jack Bauer