Yup, that's all I've got left at Hoare Lea. Right now I'm very excited about the new job. Sort of 99% excited, 1% scared. You hear these stories of people turning up on their first day at work, sit down at their desks, look around at the people and say to themselves, "Oops!" ...but I'm sure that won't happen. It's not going to be like The Office. Speaking of which I got series one of The Office on DVD the other day. Absolutely brilliant. If there's one part that stands out as particularly wonderful it's Episode 4, "Songtime," where David Brent gets the guitar out at the motivational seminar. Priceless. Thing is, the songs are quite good! "Free Love Freeway" is fantastic, almost as funny as watching my dad playing rounders. (I'll save that one for a slow news day.)

Hoare Lea