On the walk back from work today.

Me: I'm thinking about taking kung fu lessons to keep fit. I mean I might as well, most people seem to naturally assume I know kung fu anyway.
MS: Why?
Me: Because I'm eurasian and so look half Chinese.
MS: I did Jeet Kune Do at uni but it just got boring.
Me: That's what Bruce Lee taught isn't it? I thought it'd be fun.
MS: Nah, you just end up punching the air and stuff. You never get to do things like, say, the death grip.
Me: Death grip?
MS: Where you hold on to the guy's neck and he passes out. One time the instructor did it on someone and he nearly passed out. He never let us do it... although obviously afterwards we'd do it to each other.
Me: Obviously... So how do you do it?

Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do