"You have a dirty great big scratch on your cornea" was the verdict by the doctor after 5 hours of waiting in A&E tonight. I did it by jumping over a fence and into the spread branches of a tree. Branch vs Dave and Branch won. Foolish, but apparently my contact lens saved further damage so I think I can count myself lucky.

Waiting for 5 hours is enough to cheese anyone off but having to wait 5 hours having been turned away by Boots is infuriating. They could've seen me straight away but didn't because they were afraid I might sue them! Was not happy about that. How cynical! I just wanted to be looked at...

Anyway, this isn't really that bad. I got hit in the eye with an airgun once. Yes, hit IN THE EYE... and I had a big lump ON MY EYE as a result. I was about 10 and this idiot shot me in a local park. He was quite far away and the pellet just missed my cornea. Clearly a scratch is nothing compared to being hit by an airgun.

Ah well. I'm going to bed now with my eyepatch and will dream of pirates no doubt.

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