• Italian, born 1946.
  • A former midfield player for Roma, Juventus, AC Milan and Italy.
  • Has managed Milan, Real Madrid, Roma and Juventus, winning the domestic league title with each of them.
  • Now England manager, Capello has announced that it will be his last management role. His annual salary will be £6 million.

By all accounts, a good resume. But tell me, what does an England manager actually do again? Put up with the press. Get free tickets to a game once in a while. Collect a pay cheque for over 16 thousand pounds every day, and put a team sheet together now and then. There aren't the day-to-day worries of a domestic league team and you don't need to worry about the player fitness/wages because the club managers are looking after them. And there's absolutely no incentive to leave any sort of lasting legacy, like restructure English football from the lower leagues on up. Surely it's really just a two day a week job?

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