Today, Dave is not a happy hamster. Apparently, this very house, in which I'm renting this little (but nice) place, is now on sale. I only found this out after noticing the sign outside. Great! I then read an email from my previous estate agents who are clearly mixed up and complaining about me drilling holes in the wall and taking away a sofabed - all untrue. So I'm going to have to fight for my deposit... We're going to (as the americans say it) "tangle ass." Below is the email this woman sent me, and I should explain here that she looks a little bit like Katie Holmes (pictured) but just read it and maybe you'll conclude what I did about how she got the job. ("Gaby" is the boss who's hired her.)

Hello David,

Just a couple of questions:

What happened to the wall (left side) there are 4 or 5 little halls screwed and it looks very bad.

Also, we would like to know what happened to the bed and that little cupboard.

The room looks as it was a war in it...but it is just my opinion, Gaby haven't seen it wet, because he was really busy, although he promised to go there in a few days time.

Please answer as soon as possible.

Thank you

estate agents