As I got into the office on Friday I was more or less mugged and made to enter the office Grand National pool. Unsurprisingly I drew a 50-to-1 shot out of the hat. How do you pronouce TyneandThynegain? I've nicknamed him FinethenThighstrain because he doesn't feature at all on the final results! The horses that finished and which fences all the other horses fell at are on there. I didn't watch the race but I'm thinking, if he didn't even make it to the first fence then he must have tripped over the start tape... and then probably got shot.

Anyway, Amberleigh House was the winner. Always useful to remember these things, as I'm sure it'll come up in some pub quiz sooner or later. I'm actually setting the questions for a fundraiser pub-style quiz at church come summer. Maybe a question on the Grand National will come up... although, I was planning on it being a Socratic wonder... (especially the calculus round). We'll see!

Grand National