Going into the home of people you've never met before and trying to work out whether you want to live with them while at the same time trying to persuade them that they would want to live with you is, well, a weird situation to find yourself in. And I had to do this three times last night. Yup, I'm fulfilling my resolution number 2 and moving out by the end of the month. This is because I fulfilled my resolution number 1 and got a dream job. Yeah baby! <speech>I'd like to thank my family, my friends and...</speech> Masterplan 2003 is working like a treat. Anyway, place number 1 was owned by this quiet south african accountant, the room was bright red and barely big enough for a midget. Place number 2 was a luxury flat owned by a Irish guy (clearly financially very sorted) with one other person I didn't meet. But very, very nice... and therefore probably impossible to get! Place number 3 was home to the couple of lads who seem to live for drinking heavily all night long. Hmmm... Must persevere and look for more places!

Anyone got a room going free in Surbiton?