Update Oct09: Kindle is now available not just in UK but internationally! Check it out.

Update Jan09: Still no word... I think if you're desperate you might as well get an iPhone off eBay. There's some software called Stanza that you can download onto it and that's probably just as good!

When Amazon launched the Kindle eBook reader in US it was done with little fanfare. The product itself got a lot of criticism yet it managed to sell incredibly well. No wonder really. Users get a free subscription to newspapers like the New York Times which arrives on the device every day, and you're given access to the first chapter of each of the 80,000 ebooks in the store at no cost. For more info, there are some good videos on the product page.

So when's this going to come to UK? It's about time... Maybe it's going to be a quiet launch here too? Or is it just a snub...

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