A few weeks ago, Mango book club sent me a parcel with a book that was apparently the Editor's choice for me. It certainly wasn't my choice. As far as I was aware, I never signed up to this book club (for girls) and did not owe them £1.99 for their trouble. The bill then went up to £14.99 and I was on the verge of being referred to a debt collection agency. I found this out when I got back from my recent travels and did a quick google search showing that there are lots of stories regarding Mango that don't throw it in the most favourable light. You can phone them up on a premium rate phone line but that's all automated and I wasn't about to do that. Finally I found an email address and actually they've been good in this case - they deleted me from their database.

If you've had similar probs, here's their email address: welcome@new-member.co.uk. If you've had a shocker, contact BBC Watchdog.

Mango Book Club