Help, I've just come back from a 50 minute run and I'm gonna die. It feels good though. I took my walkman with me because I think it helps me not to walk all of it. I went right through Regent's Park, up Primrose Hill, then round the west side of the park and back home.

Going up Primrose Hill was definitely the hardest part. On came "No Woman No Cry" (for your information a 7:07 minute long track) about half way down the Regent's Park Broadwalk and I got to the top of Primrose Hill before the end. But to be honest, it took all of Mr Marley and the Wailers' consoling to stop me from shedding a few tears.

I noticed that there seems to be this thing where all the runners greet other runners when they pass each other. It's like a "Well done you. You run, you're cool." all in a little nod. Two people did this to me right at the start, then I thought I'd go along with this secret code too... I got totally blanked by all and sundry. Maybe the glare off my new shoes is showing me up to be somewhat lacking in athletic credibility. I'll run through some puddles tomorrow next time.

marathon, Primrose Hill