I have 70.96% more of this work day left and then I can go home. An Austin Powers dvd has already been put on by one of the guys, solitaire is everpresent on the computer screens and I've been listening in to my neighbour's domestic over the phone. How foolish was I to turn up a tortuous ten minutes early today... I've done next to nothing. It's a toss-up between asking for some work and being given a tedious photocopying task or honing my acting ability and pretending to be busy surfing the internet googling all sorts of things I've wondered about but never got round to finding out... "pest control", "how to get visitors to your website"...

This is a clear indication I feel that I should start looking for a new job. The NASA website doesn't seem to have many job openings. Being an astronaut seems so 1960s anyway. I could try to get into F1 driving, Shuey gets ?2 000 a day after all, but I don't have a driving license yet. Pixar and Lego are cool but probably only when you get into the top jobs where you can be creative. Being a futurologist or a professional competition enterer sound cool. This is my new year's resolution. I'm on a fairly bargain basement wage for living in London, and this job is not very challenging. It could be for monkeys or small children... Don't get me wrong, I don't hate my job, I just don't like it that much. I will get a software development job somehow!

New Year, resolution, job