Been messing about on a video capture project for the best part of two weeks now. What fun! I've caught the IT manager scratching his backside in one mpg, a guy in sales doing a very strange dance down the corridor and a colleague picking his nose and sneezing (truly shocking when viewed in super-slo-mo). All this playing has shown me that writing a little webcam program isn't that hard, so I've knocked one up right here on nimisis. (See the webcam link on the right of the page?) So now you can watch me scratching my backside... not in video though, just a snap every couple of minutes. Well, when it's up and running. I'm not going to run it all the time though. I only live in a studio flat and I might forget it was on when I'm turning in for the night... the world may not yet be ready to see me na*ed.

Cheeky I know but I'm hoping that this phrase (let me remind you, it was "see me na*ed") will boost my search engine rankings a bit! All for the wrong reasons I know, but hey...

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