More than 150000 people filed their tax returns on deadline day last year. Looks like it's a similar story this time round - the website is "temporarily unavailable". So perhaps it's a good time to review some of the common errors made on self-assessment forms:

Common errors:

  • Failure to complete a separate supplementary page for each individual employment.
  • Entering employee personal pension premiums net instead of gross.
  • Entering the figure for capital expenditure allowances in box 3.14 of the self-employment pages instead of the figure for capital allowances.
  • Failure to complete Q19 of the main tax return where a repayment is due.If you do not opt for immediate repayment, the Revenue will leave the overpaid amount on your account and set that amount against future liabilities.
  • Entering your pay in box 1.8 of the employment pages but not entering tax deducted in box 1.11

Common reasons for rejecting a tax return:

  • Entering a "yes" tick on one of the questions 1 to 9 on page 2 of the tax return but failing to forward the relevant supplementary page.
  • Failure to complete the self-employment pages, particularly from box 3.74 onwards.
  • Putting detailed information on separate schedules instead of including the information.
  • Entering handwritten notes, such as "per accounts" or "information to follow", instead of entering actual figures.
  • Failure to sign and date the return.

Hope that helps!

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