My marathon aspirations have taken a slight hit today in that my application has been rejected. Oh well, nevermind. I was really quite gutted, then I had a sudden revelation, and it went a little something like this -

"Actually, sod marathon running! What sort of personality-less loser runs for their dose of exercise anyway? Forrest Gump springs to mind. Okay, so he came good, but is it a sport? Where's the ball? Is it what used to be the balls of my feet just come off in two massive blisters?"

Yup, that's what I thought. They did send me a free Flora London Marathon official fleece though. How very nice of them. It's just a conspiracy to give me jogger's nipple twice in a fortnight. There's no way I'm risking getting that again. And there's no way I'm going to walk into a shop and get a sports bra. Guess I'll just have to stop running then. What a shame. They also gave me an issue of "Marathon News - the losers edition" which had one of the weirdos from last year in a joker's outfit on the front cover and headlines like, "Tears of a Clown?" "Cheer up!" "UNSUCCESSFUL" and "Sorry!". The fleece is the thinnest fleece on the planet. Is it a good bet that you'll see me wearing it a fair bit this winter? NO. I'm not an uncoordinated loser. (No offense intended Paula. Well done you.)