Went paintballing with the firm yesterday, supposedly as a bonding exercise but who am I kidding - we were shooting each other. The Mayhem paintball complex was like an Al-Quaeda training camp. There were about 200 people including our party of 20, all in camouflage with masks. The mask is needed to prevent paintballs (travelling at a little over 200mph) from blinding you but I found that it also helped preserve some anonymity when I shot my own teammates. Come on, I bet you couldn't overcome the temptation if no enemies were around and you had a clear shot in front! You know, when there's no one else about you get a bit bored... The whole day was madness, people were coming out with, "I just want my gun", "Agincourt!", "Shoot 'em in the head!" Anyway, me? 8 confirmed, 5 probable. I'm happy with that. I may not get promoted for a while though... The photos are here.

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