Question: Where in the world can you see 100 football matches being played in one place on one day?

Answer: Hackney Marshes, NE London. There you'll find no fewer than 87 full-size football pitches. Tomorrow I'm going to be playing there so before I head off for an early night let's get something down for Sept... My slackness is probably due to this festival of sport we've had recently and I've been caught right up in it. We've done pretty brilliantly. Two wins in the football, a massacre in the rugby and a drawn test series in the cricket. Not a bad effort. Must say though that in the cricket had we been playing away in South Africa it might've been a different story. I still remember going on tour there and us not winning a single game... <reminiscing> It was still a great tour though. If you've never been to SA it's well worth going. I remember seeing some of the guys in the national teams of SA (including Mr Cronje) and Oz (including Mr Warne) by chance in our hotel at Port Elizabeth. Durban's very cool, so was the Waterfront at Cape Town and so was Stellenbosch... actually all of the Garden Route was great - apart from a dodgy braai here and there... But now I'm rambling! Clearly I need a holiday. Must go back one day, Ja!</reminiscing>

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