Today's theme is Space. The European Space Agency has started accepting applications for wannabe astronauts. To apply you need to have a science related degree, preferrably be aged 27 to 37 and also have passed the kind of medical private pilots need (which costs about £150). Why not get out of the rat race and into the space race? Flights won't start until around 2015 though.

If you really want to go into space but don't get selected you could still become a space tourist. Tickets start at around £100K - I'd be annoyed if I didn't get a window seat. Here's more info about the industry in a TED talk by Burt Rutan.

Or, if you like your feet on terra firma, but still want to do some exploration, you could download Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope. I tried it out today. Unsurprisingly, being a MS product, it crashed on me - but otherwise it seems like it could be educational.

Speaking earlier of TED talks, I stumbled across a really good one by Robert Ballard on how exploring the depths of the oceans could be equally, if not more interesting and exciting. Check it out.

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