Seeing Poland lose to Germany in the last minute was, well, a swift nut kick for the Poles and despite not having the heat and absence of Rooney to blame, Sven Goran Eriksson almost dished one out himself on England last thursday. At the risk of sounding like Mark Lawrenson, here's what you want to do, Sven.

Drop Crouch - The most embarrassing moment for all England fans during this World Cup must've been when Peter Crouch (at 6ft 7in) tried to do an overhead kick in the Trinidad and Tobago penalty area. It still makes me laugh now. So he's scored five goals in four games, so what? With respect, any premiership forward can score a hat-trick against Jamaica (without missing a penalty) and the most recent goal should've been disallowed as he clearly fouled his marker Sancho by pulling his dreadlocks! The style of play has now become, hit a long ball and try to hit Peter on the head into the goal. It doesn't work.

Light a fire under Beckham - Now I don't think David should be dropped but for all the overhit corners, crosses and free kicks that hit the wall half way up (he hasn't scored from a free kick for over 3 years), there's a case for it...

Give Walcott a half - Let's see what he can do! This game versus Sweden is a chance to experiment. We don't need to win the game. Indeed, you don't have to win seven games to win the World Cup, (in fact, you can theoretically even lose one and draw two during the group stages). If he doesn't play in this game I can't see him playing in any.

Don't risk the yellow carded players - Again, no need! Here's the formation to try, with Carrick and Rooney the subs to come on for Hargreaves and Walcott.

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