If a tree falls in the woods because of a wound, then what little object will not hear the sound?

A Why Me Rhyme is a pair of words that look like they should rhyme (after all, only their first letter is different), but don't really. For example, depending on the colorist, Etrigan could be considered a lemon demon. See if you can figure out these twelve Why Me Rhymes from their descriptions:

What is heard when your little girl is having fun
A disgustingly dirty sticker
A siesta for weirdos
A friendly rejection
Lists of all sorts of animals to be eaten
An unrefined crucifix
A type of bar bet, maybe?
Makes a news agency irrelevant
Stamps that someone refuses to return
Makes contact with feminine hygiene products
A price reduction given only to certain noblemen
Newer style of patio furniture

See comments for answers. Click here for puzzle #1.

Wei-Hwa, puzzle