While I was on my jolly to Taiwan nimisis crashed. And since then I've noticed that a "david butler" search on google no longer yields nimisis in, well, probably the first million hits. I'm quite disappointed by this result. Before I used to get a fair few cyber questers seeking "David Butler" or "download hives" or "stag night na*ed photos". I'd like to stress the latter two for no logical reason that I'm aware of. The only thing that seems to get a reasonable number of hits is my webcam page, even though that's not on most of the time... (clearly this does wonders for my ego). Looking at my logs, it says here that one bright spark found nimisis by querying "Why did SClub7 split up"? Well, in case both disillusioned SClub7 fans end up coming here searching for answers, I do have one. They probably split up because their talent loan from the singing bank went very very bad and when their busking expenses plunged them deep into a red that was redder than the stained mouth of a betel nut chewing Taiwanese dellboy they had to call it a day... but that's only a theory.