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Symonds not Big Monkey 10 Jan 2008

The row about Harbhajan Singh racially abusing Andrew Symonds by calling him a "Big Monkey" is still raging on, but I've just heard on the radio that Harbhajan was speaking Hindi and said, "Abey bik mangey, teri maa ki" which means "Beggar, go f*** your mother". Still not very polite, but probably more acceptable. I can believe this. The Aussies grasp of Hindi probably isn't that good...

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Australians all hate England 06 Oct 2007

This is what Australian Rugby Union chief executive John O'Neill said ahead of today's Rugby World Cup quarter final.

When people say stupid things, I think it's important to work out whether it was out of character. Perhaps in this case the thought of revenge has clouded his judgment. Certainly what winning in sport is all about would be lost on someone who harbours such sentiments. Question i...

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Australia lose by 10 wickets 16 Feb 2007

Oh dear, that's not very good! Australia might get overtaken by South Africa in the world rankings for ODIs!

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England Thrash Australia 03 Feb 2007

And when I say thrash, I mean a comprehensive victory. We beat Australia by 92 runs in Sydney!

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Yeah, well... 05 Jan 2007


Aussie cricketers 'rude' on podium 07 Nov 2006

"The Australian cricket team has been labelled "rude and arrogant" by the Indian media for allegedly pushing aside the Indian board president on the Champions Trophy victory podium."

Read the full article here.

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Australian visas 28 Jan 2006

Was looking through an Aussie visa application form today...

I didn't realise you still need a criminal record to get into Australia...


England 32 - 31 Australia 16 Nov 2002

Man, that was a good match. I was fraternising with the enemy again like last weekend, shouting at them their team... I couldn't help it, they were so weak! Tell me, was there or was there not an Aussie on the ground injured almost every single time there was a break in play? I mean come on. This isn't schoolboy rugby. But what I love most about the whole thing is the way Wilkinson nowadays jus...

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