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More Olympic volleyball please 21 Jul 2008

I'm a bit of a volleyball nut. And I want to see more of it covered on TV during the forthcoming Olympic Games. So I've written a letter to the BBC and I'm hoping you might also want to send in should you feel the same way.

Btw, In doing some of the research I stumbled upon this article about the history of volleyball.

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(no subject) 15 May 2006

The BBC just can't get the staff! Watch a hilarious case of mistaken identity here.


You are The Weakest Link. Goodbye! 13 Sep 2002

I'm thinking about applying to be on The Weakest Link. Here's where to find the application form if anyone else is also interested in coming face to face with Anne Robinson. I may try to get in the audience first to gauge how scary it is though. Big Brother 4? No way!

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