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Chelsea lose community shield 13 Aug 2006

Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-1 today! Even the new England captain John Terry couldn't influence the outcome. Although I think it's a good choice of captain by new England coach Steve McClaren, unfortunately whenever John Terry's name is mentioned, I just see the incident of Ronaldinho running him over and scoring in last year's Champion's League. It was a superb goal. Oh, and he scored against Che...

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Chelsea crash out 05 May 2005

Yay! Liverpool dumped Chelsea out of the Champions League on Tuesday. This post is a bit late I know... it's taken me about 48 hours to settle down from the euphoria of seeing Chelsea lose!

If you mouseover some of the photos you'll see some captions... If only I could get hold of pictures of Frank cannot-score-an-open-goal Lampard, Joe I-look-like-Sonja-Fowler Cole, Mateja Gypsy-king Kezman and...

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Spammer in jail 10 Apr 2005

Yesterday was a great day. No, not because Hedgehunter won the Grand National and no, not because Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles got married. It was great because someone has finally been punished for spamming. On top of that, Arsenal FC beat Middlesborough, Manchester United lost and Chelsea only managed a draw to Birmingham City! In case you hadn't noticed I don't like Chelsea FC ve...

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Violent conduct 21 Feb 2005

Seeing Chelsea crash out of the FA cup over the weekend was great fantastic, but it didn't quite make up for Arsenal's 1-1 draw... Btw, has anyone else noticed the uncanny resemblance Robert Pires has to Robert Davi, the guy who played Jake Fratelli in the Goonies?

Anyway, so now we've lost two players for the replay; Bergkamp and Reyes. Surely along with "violent conduct", "womanly conduct" sho...

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(no subject) 25 Apr 2004

Can't wait to see Arsenal win at White Hart lane today! I thought those hysterical Chelsea fans at their lucky Champions League win were chanting that we wouldn't be winning <anything at> all? I think we'll be winning more than you do!

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