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Chinese New Year 07 Feb 2008

It's Chinese New Year 4706! Have a good one :)

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Learning Mandarin Chinese 09 Jan 2008

I've noticed recently that more and more people are learning Mandarin here in UK. As a Mandarin speaker myself, I think it's an ambitious thing to take on, but if you fancy it, here are some useful resources. In addition to the actual language, familiarity with Chinese idioms and proverbs is very useful and comes up in everyday conversation. And if you come across a character you're not familia...

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Happy Chinese New Year! 08 Feb 2005

It's the year of the rooster.


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(no subject) 22 Aug 2004

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(no subject) 29 Sep 2002

Here's an online test to see if a url is blocked by the chinese government in order to "protect" their public. I'm glad to say that nimisis.com is freely viewable to the far east's billions. I should definitely make chinese posts more often. You may have noticed that occasionally my posts are a load of nonsense garbled symbols but that's only because it's encoded for chinese. If you think you c...

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(no subject) 10 Sep 2002

It's the start of another new year!


(no subject) 03 Sep 2002