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Soul from Christianity Explored 28 Mar 2010

Christianity Explored are going to be launching a new DVD on May 13th. It's a ten-part series that will work with their CY course. For more info, go to Soul.

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Sharing Christian books 06 Jun 2009

A few months ago there was a Christian book I particularly wanted to read and it struck me that someone in my church surely must own it, I just didn't know who. I then thought that it would be useful to have a website where members of a church can list books that they own and are willing to lend, such that one can search the list, contact the owner and save some money!

This has now become realit...

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Christian computer games 26 Aug 2008

There are lots of interesting people at the new church I've just started to attend - St Helen's Bishopsgate. One of them is Andy Geers, who makes Christian computer games as a way of teaching the Bible. I recommend his blog too!

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Concept t-shirts 20 Mar 2007

Here's a plug for someone who bought Flix this week - Concept T-Shirts. The t-shirts show a lot of creativity, including a Christian themed section. They've also got a blog and are involved in pray4u.co.uk - "trying to take prayer to people who don't really know about Jesus" so good for them!

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