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More Christmas gift ideas 17 Dec 2007

There's also something for the impatient grown-ups among us. Another gadget is the Tefal Quick Cup. You don't have to wait for the water to boil before you make your drink, it comes out boiling hot... and it's apparently more energy efficient than the old fashioned kettle!

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Christmas gift ideas 13 Dec 2007

. More gift ideas coming soon!

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The Nightmare before Christmas Eve 29 Dec 2004

What I really didn't want to happen for Christmas happened on Christmas Eve. I did something I always do without fail - I turned the handle to flush the toilet which, as expected, started the flush. What wasn't anticipated was my superhuman strength which caused the fairly solid metal handle to shear right off, causing it to plop into the swirling mini rapids of the bowl and flush itself down t...


(no subject) 03 Dec 2004

It's another costume theme this year for the work Christmas party. What a hassle! If it wasn't so garish I'd almost be tempted to go as Bruce Lee with that yellow jumpsuit he wore in Game of Death. Hmmm... this may not quite fit in with the Renaissance theme though... Surely it's bordering on harrassment to force employees to dress up as idiots in front their colleagues?

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Happy New Year! 06 Jan 2004

Seeing as Princess Diana is making a come back I guess I should too. Here are some photos from our James Bond themed company Christmas party! In case you were wondering, those things at the end of my arms are my metal hands, because OBVIOUSLY I'm Dr No... well, I alternated between him and Michael Jackson from time to time...

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Who would you vote out of the stable? 26 Dec 2002

Well, the Queen's speech was good I thought. Thanks to both of you for voting! But yes, I've got another poll.

Hope you had a great Christmas by the way!

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(no subject) 24 Dec 2002

Everyone seems to be out on the streets desperately buying Christmas presents today. Talk about leaving it to the last minute! It isn't hard to get something really cool though. How about a Buzz Lightyear? Or a Go-ped? Or some Lego .

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(no subject) 23 Dec 2002

New vote today: Will you be tuning in to the Queen's Speech on Christmas Day?

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(no subject) 20 Dec 2002

Oh joy of joys, it's the work Christmas party tonight.

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