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Rock School 30 Sep 2005

A seven-part series featuring musicians from my old school Christ's Hospital and Gene Simmons of US Rock Band 'Kiss' will begin on Friday, 30th September 2005 on Channel 4 at 9.30pm. More about Rock School can be found here. Watch it!

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St. Matthew's Day 19 Sep 2002

St. Matthew's day is on the 21st and the reason I mention this is because it is a tradition of my old school to march through the City of London every year on St. Matthew's day . Lead by the school band we all group according to our boarding houses, and march past bewildered pedestrians , avoid the evidence of the presence of mounted police and go to see the Lord Mayor. It's all good fun :)

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(no subject) 21 Jul 2002

Church was really good again this morning. Met Kirsten who has a son going to my old school! I found out because she went up to the front to tell the congregation how thankful she was to have found a school for her son and happened to be the person sitting next to me. I then chatted to her and, out of curiosity, asked which school her son was going to go to. I love the way God does that. She ha...

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(no subject) 14 Jun 2002

Still shattered from yesterday! Oli, a mate from school, came to visit, bringing Mary-Anna .

We went punting, pubbing, and wandered around large colleges; fairly standard things to do for a day out here.

Cambridge is cool. "Cheers!"

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