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(no subject) 14 May 2006

Interesting read from HowStuffWorks.com about how The Da Vinci Code doesn't work. Well, that's pretty obvious...

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Google Da Vinci Code Quest 13 Apr 2006

Google is starting a "quest" inspired by Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and is going to offer more than ten thousand prizes. The puzzles will be publish daily on Google Personalized Homepage. "Beginning on April 17th you will embark on a quest that requires skill, intellect, and perseverance. For 24 days, you will encounter unique challenges." Click here for details on The Google Da Vinci Code Q...

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(no subject) 31 Jan 2005

Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code is really very good I thought. I polished it off over the weekend. However, as Tom Wright says, it's lousy history. There's going to be a program on this Thursday called "the Real Da Vinci Code". Shall be interested in what's said there...

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