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(no subject) 26 May 2003

In 1935 Jesse Owens broke 4 world records in 45 minutes. But equally legendary are Downing College Volleyball Club who have come third in their division for the summer league! Nice one guys.

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(no subject) 05 May 2003

Way to go Downing College Volleyball Club! Played 2, Won 2 = Legends.

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(no subject) 02 Dec 2002

I was back in Cambridge visiting friends last night and my walk to catch the train home reminded me of a previous trip down that way in which I luckily found a five pound note on the ground. It made my day! This has inspired a new poll. How much money found on the ground would it take to stop you and pick it up? Don't be shy! Vote, make comments! Downing College's local, The Fountain, used to w...

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(no subject) 17 Jun 2002

Played some of the best volleyball of my life today. The "Downing Villagers" did so well! We got out of Group C and into the quarter finals undefeated but then lost the plot against the Zoology department. I hate animals now. Shame... but we did well.

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