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Fabio Capello CV 16 Dec 2007

  • Italian, born 1946.
  • A former midfield player for Roma, Juventus, AC Milan and Italy.
  • Has managed Milan, Real Madrid, Roma and Juventus, winning the domestic league title with each of them.
  • Now England manager, Capello has announced that it will be his last management role. His annual salary will be £6 million.

By all accounts, a good resume. But tell me, what does an England manager actually do aga...

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Thrilla in Antigua 05 Apr 2007

England lost another game in the Cricket World Cup yesterday but at least they did it in style. I was following the match on the Duckworth Lewis calculator and we were cruising till the three quick wickets went down... then I must admit they really pulled it out of the bag to come so close to winning! Come on England.

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Peccadillos on pedalos 20 Mar 2007

by Hershel Gibbs. There have been lows too, such as Bob Woolmer's passing. Pakistan and Scotland are already out, and Andrew Flintoff "got into difficulties" after falling off a pedalo. More than a mere peccadillo really. What's he playing at? England fans have had enough. We don't deserve to win this tournament - teams that display some fight do, like Bermuda, who have players like Dwayne Lev...

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England Thrash Australia 03 Feb 2007

And when I say thrash, I mean a comprehensive victory. We beat Australia by 92 runs in Sydney!

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The Dell'Olio code 19 Jun 2006

England's record against Sweden is pretty awful, is this due to some global conspiracy? Will Sven go all out against his home country? Will we be playing Germany in the next round? Well, like against Paraguay, I've done another simulation on Pro Evolution Soccer 5. The result? England 1, Sweden 0. Clearly that's what's destined to happen. Oh, and Owen scores.

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This is what to do, Sven 18 Jun 2006

Seeing Poland lose to Germany in the last minute was, well, a swift nut kick for the Poles and despite not having the heat and absence of Rooney to blame, Sven Goran Eriksson almost dished one out himself on England last thursday. At the risk of sounding like Mark Lawrenson, here's what you want to do, Sven.

Drop Crouch - The most embarrassing moment for all England fans during this World Cup mu...

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(no subject) 04 Jun 2006

Thought it might be interesting to simulate the upcoming England vs Paraguay game on Pro Evolution Soccer 5 and see what the result would be. Well, good news, it ended England 3 Paraguay 1. No surprise really. We're well above them in the FIFA World rankings... In fact we're the most highly ranked in the group.

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Delhi Belly 28 Nov 2005

Third and final test for the England cricket team in Pakistan tomorrow. Worried. Even if we win we only draw the series, and from some of the photos I've seen the guys seem to be hinting that the curries aren't really agreeing with them...

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(no subject) 07 Aug 2005

My nerves are still shot to pieces after watching the second closest test match result in history - an England victory by 2 runs!

For more cricket stats, visit here.

Random link: Learn Shane Warne's five spin deliveries.

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How to watch cricket 26 Jul 2005

Watching the test match on the big screen in Regent's Park last Sat was brilliant... until England lost the plot...

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(no subject) 04 Dec 2004

Now here's a man with fewer marbles than advertised - manager of Brazil?! In your dreams, Sven. Let's win some England games first...

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Who supports Spurs? 16 Jun 2004

It's a well known fact that some of the worst footballers in the world play for Tottenham Hotspur. What's less well known is that if you can't get in to play there, you still might have a shot at the Swiss national side. So, come on England, I'm predicting 5-0 tomorrow, especially as I hear the English fans have been roughing up the opposition a bit off the field. Have you noticed? Almost every...

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(no subject) 08 Dec 2003

"Any Australians please make your way to the front!" These were the words I saw mouthed by a policeman at the England Rugby team's victory procession through London today. Let's hope the light blues get the same result at Twickenham tomorrow!

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Brian Johnston's "Legover" commentary 18 Aug 2003

Ah, it brings joy to my heart when England win a test match... I found this today - it's a little clip that has also brought joy to many people's hearts . Yes, it's Brian Johnston's famous "leg over" clip.

***Calculate Duckworth Lewis***

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(no subject) 06 May 2003

A bit worried by this decision to make Michael Vaughan England's one-day cricket captain... Granted, he's the world's best batsman, but my Dad's a better fielder than him! Are his tactics in the field going to be any good? Doubtful, very doubtful... I'd vote for Phil Tufnell... actually no I wouldn't, not for captain, but for "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" I would! I haven't witnessed a...

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(no subject) 13 Feb 2003

This is so insightful.

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England 53 - 3 South Africa 23 Nov 2002

All I can say is that we deserved it; those South Africans were just too ill-disciplined. That tackle on Jonny Wilkinson was about a month late. Oi, Springboks! Who's yer daddy!?
Bring on the World Cup! Right now you could cut me and I'd bleed rugby...

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(no subject) 21 Nov 2002

Come on England, come on Nasser. You can do it. You can get a big total and win a test match. Otherwise, like many houses across the UK this coming week, we're all going to be completely gutted...

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England 32 - 31 Australia 16 Nov 2002

Man, that was a good match. I was fraternising with the enemy again like last weekend, shouting at them their team... I couldn't help it, they were so weak! Tell me, was there or was there not an Aussie on the ground injured almost every single time there was a break in play? I mean come on. This isn't schoolboy rugby. But what I love most about the whole thing is the way Wilkinson nowadays jus...

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(no subject) 07 Nov 2002

Really looking forward to the Rugby match versus the All Blacks on Saturday. We're going to deck them. Just to educate myself I found out what the Haka actually means in English today. Now that I know it's a load of nonsense it's hard to take it seriously! But apparently there is a proper explanation and history to it.

I'm going to watch the match with a bunch of Kiwis which will make victory o...

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(no subject) 08 Sep 2002

Am watching the test match... how depressing. I'm doing far better than England on this little online cricket game and competition.

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Down and Out 22 Jun 2002

Have been too disappointed with England being out of the World Cup to write much. Plus I'm actually quite ill... I should be better soon though.

I'm moving down to London on Tues so this website will disappear for a couple of weeks, then hopefully will reappear at www.nimisis.com once a phoneline and ADSL is up and running in my new place . See you then.

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(no subject) 15 Jun 2002

It was great to watch Denmark play like they had a plane to catch. Got quite abusive during the match... I called them citizens of a stub of a country, full of Vikings and only worthy of acid rain... Sorry, very embarassed and ashamed now. World Cup fever is taking over!

Bring on Brazil or Belgium.

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(no subject) 15 Jun 2002

Come on England!


Don't Cry For Me Batistuta 12 Jun 2002

Not the best England performance I've ever seen but still, we're through, and the icing on the cake is the fact that both France and now Argentina are out. Woo hoo! Coming second in the group may not be all that bad. At least the next match against Denmark won't be in the sweltering heat of the afternoon but the more comfortable cool of the evening.

Check our statistical chances of winning acco...

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First ever entry... 11 Jun 2002

Wow, the pressure is overwhelming... then again maybe not. I know that I'm getting absolutely no visitors to this site at the moment! Maybe if millions of people do start to visit in later years they'll come back to see what the first ever entry was. Sorry to disappoint you.

Well, I'd better go. That's enough excitement for one day, plus I need to go to bed early in order to get up for the Engla...