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Google Chrome 10 Sep 2008

It's an internet browser. It's fast. It's made by Google. So great, why don't we all start using it? Well, Mac OS X users haven't got a version made for them yet and fans of the Google Toolbar won't switch because it simply isn't there in Chrome... an obvious omission!

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Firebug 16 Apr 2007

A plug here for an excellent Firefox extension - Firebug. Designed to help facilitate web development, it shows you the html in a webpage, any javascript it's running, xmlHttp requests and more!

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Adsense Notifier 05 Jan 2007

Just found a very useful Firefox add-on, well, useful for webmasters with advertising on their websites. This displays your adsense earning at the bottom of your browser, updating itself periodically.

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Firefox 2.0 vs IE 7 26 Oct 2006

The new downloads are out! To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of Firefox 1.0. It was so slow at start up, taking about 10 seconds or more and kept crashing, so I stuck with Internet Explorer. Firefox 2.0 however? The jury's still out. Now that IE has the <sarcasm>incredibly innovative</sarcasm> addition of tabbed browsing, is there much point?

There's a good article here reviewing the rival brows...

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Firefox 29 Nov 2005

The new version of Firefox is out! Download v1.5 here.

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