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Time lapse chess 01 Dec 2008

Burrell vs Butler. An epic game. Made using Flix.

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Pantomime season 13 Jan 2008

Made using a webcam and Flix, here's a time lapse video showing the huge amount of effort that goes into preparing a panto for the public. Thanks Jon!

video, theatre, pantomime, Flix

Those crazy snails 17 May 2007

If we could talk to snails, we'd probably find out that they're actually adrenalin junkies. They're always playing chicken on the pavement with the passers by, and judging by this YouTube vid , they're forever messing around with each other like hyper-active monkeys, only at a slower pace.

Flix users have already shown me their lazy cats and now these daredevil snails. Someone must have a pet tu...

pet, animal, snail, Flix

New Google Groups 09 Apr 2007

.) These two applications are particularly well suited to have their own group or forum as Flix is about making timelapse videos and Warp is about making funny photos, so I'm hoping that folk will feel free to share their creations!

software, Google, Flix, Warp

Young Motion Plymouth 19 Mar 2007

Discovered today that Plymouth City Council is organising an event called Young Motion Plymouth where people can show off their "moving image making talents" and one of the tools suggested for making an entry is software from Nimisis.com, namely Flix. Thanks for the mention. I look forward to seeing some creative movies result from the festival!


Reno balloon race time lapse vid 17 Dec 2006

And if anyone wants to make time lapse movies themselves using a webcam, check out Flix.

Reno balloon race, time lapse, video, Flix

High Definition Time Lapse Video 16 Oct 2006

Here's a link to an amazing time lapse video shot in high def. For those interested in making their own time lapse videos , check out the little application I wrote called Webcam Flix.

high definition, time lapse, webcam, Flix

Out now! Webcam Flix version 2 31 Aug 2006

Following the success of Flix 1.0 , version 2 is now ready for download to make your time lapse webcam videos even better. New features include capture resolution of 640x480 and ability to use in conjuction with Windows Task Scheduler to capture frames at, say, 10am every morning.

webcam, Flix, time lapse, project

Webcam Flix 01 May 2006

This is just an entry for users of my time lapse application Webcam Flix to leave feedback, make comments on what they'd like to see in the next version and report any bugs they come across.

webcam, Flix, time lapse, project