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Android G1 emulator 15 Oct 2008

For those wanting a better idea of what it'd be like to own one of HTC's new Google Android G1 phones, here's an emulator.

How does it compare to the Apple iPhone?

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iPhone vs G1 07 Oct 2008

Further to a previous post, it looks like Android does still have downsides. Unlike the iPhone there is no PAYG yet, and the headphone jack is non-standard. It also looks like they're going to do the usual thing of ripping off UK customers by charging them a contract rate of £40 per month .

No answers yet on whether they can differentiate themselves by allowing users access to the internet from ...

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T-Mobile G1 and Android market 23 Sep 2008

Details of Google's answer to Apple's iPhone, the G1, are emerging. Sounds like its camera will be 3MP and will also include a compass. Nothing to rave about yet but the price sounds like it could be reasonable too at around $200. No decision's been made yet but I'm glad I resisted and didn't buy the iPhone the other day! Android market will also surely be more open than the App Store... The ma...

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