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How safe is that website? 27 Jan 2009

Google have just brought out their Safe Browsing Diagnostic tool to help reassure you of the safety or confirm the danger of a particular site. To check out a url, go to -


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Sync Google Calendar with iPhone 08 Dec 2008

Here's the utility many mac users have been wanting for a while - something that'll sync iCal with Google Calendar. With that working you can automatically have the new iCal appointments synchronised with your iPhone. How cool is that?!


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Android G1 emulator 15 Oct 2008

For those wanting a better idea of what it'd be like to own one of HTC's new Google Android G1 phones, here's an emulator.

How does it compare to the Apple iPhone?

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Google Mail 08 Oct 2008

Gmail users might be interested to have a look around Settings -> Labs to find add-ons the Gmail team have made. Some of them could potentially be fairly useful, though one or two are slightly unusual... For example, "Mail Goggles" will pose some maths questions before a late night email is sent just to make sure that it's not something you'll regret the next day... Hmmm.

Now Gmail just have to ...

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iPhone vs G1 07 Oct 2008

Further to a previous post, it looks like Android does still have downsides. Unlike the iPhone there is no PAYG yet, and the headphone jack is non-standard. It also looks like they're going to do the usual thing of ripping off UK customers by charging them a contract rate of £40 per month .

No answers yet on whether they can differentiate themselves by allowing users access to the internet from ...

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T-Mobile G1 and Android market 23 Sep 2008

Details of Google's answer to Apple's iPhone, the G1, are emerging. Sounds like its camera will be 3MP and will also include a compass. Nothing to rave about yet but the price sounds like it could be reasonable too at around $200. No decision's been made yet but I'm glad I resisted and didn't buy the iPhone the other day! Android market will also surely be more open than the App Store... The ma...

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Google Chrome 10 Sep 2008

It's an internet browser. It's fast. It's made by Google. So great, why don't we all start using it? Well, Mac OS X users haven't got a version made for them yet and fans of the Google Toolbar won't switch because it simply isn't there in Chrome... an obvious omission!

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Google Newspaper 09 Sep 2008

Checking Google's robots.txt file, the file that tells other search engines what part of a website they can or cannot index, sometimes throws up interesting hints as to what might be coming next. Today a new entry has appeared under "newspaper". Guess it makes sense to want to start cataloguing the printed press...

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Keep track of Beijing Olympics 2008 08 Aug 2008

Google have made a useful tool to track the many events at this year's summer Olympics.

Btw, wasn't the opening ceremony brilliant?! I'm thinking London 2012 might struggle past having a penny farthing and some chubby monarchs!

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Pagerank update April 2008 30 Apr 2008

Google have just done a pagerank update. If you have the Google toolbar installed you should see that Nimisis.com is back to PR4. Same for PriceCutReview.com and Sport.omani.ac. About time too!

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Online world country quiz 16 Mar 2008

Below is a famous CNN gaff showing Switzerland after it had apparently invaded the Czech Republic. Would you have spotted it? Here's an interactive world country quiz that tests your knowledge of world geography.

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Google search by date indexed 18 Feb 2008

There are still some searches for which Google isn't too brilliant. For example, you can't search for certain special characters and you can't look for files by filesize. However, there is a fantastic new improvement - you can now find pages by the date they were added to the Google index. This is very useful because sometimes it's hard to tell when a page was written - not all pages are like p...

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Google Pagerank Update January 2008 11 Jan 2008

It's happening... the Google servers are giving different numbers for PR, so I'm guessing we're in the middle of another update!

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Astronomy with Google Earth 29 Aug 2007

The latest version of Google Earth has a new feature which allows you to flip the default view to looking up at imagery of the night sky gathered from telescopes.

No longer do you have to buy a telescope from ebay to do some star gazing . Seeing all those billions of stars does make you feel pretty small though!

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Google PageRank update for July 2007 has started! 18 Jul 2007

If you own a website and have lately been trying to improve your Google PageRank, you might be interested to know that the website rankings are now just starting to change. Keep watching that PageRank button on your Google Toolbar for, hopefully, a higher number!

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New Google Groups 09 Apr 2007

.) These two applications are particularly well suited to have their own group or forum as Flix is about making timelapse videos and Warp is about making funny photos, so I'm hoping that folk will feel free to share their creations!

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Online world geography quiz 08 Apr 2007

My ignorance when it comes to geography is truly shocking and I've been meaning to do something about it. So, here's a little world geography quiz Google Maps mashup I've whipped up using the Google Maps API. Hopefully you'll learn a few things with it! I'd certainly never heard of the tiny island nation of Pitcairn before today...

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Nimisis toolbar button 03 Jan 2007

For those with a google toolbar integrated into their web browser, it is now possible to add your own custom buttons! It really couldn't be easier I've made one for nimisis.com too.

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Picasa 06 Dec 2006

Recently tried out Google's photo organisation app, Picasa and I've got to say that I'm impressed. Some old school photos in the depths of my hard drive were found which I'm sure I would've lost otherwise. If this grabs you, take the tour via the banner below.

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Word Wreck Tangle 05 Oct 2006

This is the latest Wei Hwa puzzle that can be seen on google personalised homepages.

For answers see comments.

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Google Code Jam 2006 14 Aug 2006

A date has been set - September 5th.

Google Code Jam

(no subject) 14 Aug 2006

Just retracing some of my steps using Google Earth and Google Maps and noticed that the reservoir in Central Park looks as if it's either got a very narrow bridge across it or a tunnel. How great would a glass underwater tunnel be ! See for yourself.

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Flight sims 12 Aug 2006

Goggles isn't a proper flight simulator like the ones used to train pilots but an online game that makes clever use of Google Maps.

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But Dave, you're not a geek! 24 May 2006

...so people often reassure me. But sometimes I do geek-like things, like qualify for Google Code Jam Europe. Booyah!

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Google Da Vinci Code Quest 13 Apr 2006

Google is starting a "quest" inspired by Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and is going to offer more than ten thousand prizes. The puzzles will be publish daily on Google Personalized Homepage. "Beginning on April 17th you will embark on a quest that requires skill, intellect, and perseverance. For 24 days, you will encounter unique challenges." Click here for details on The Google Da Vinci Code Q...

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Summer of Code 02 Jun 2005

Google has launched its Summer of Code. Only students i.e. under 18s can apply but still there are some good ideas here!

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Find Academic Papers 12 Jan 2005

Here's a great resource from Google for finding academic papers.

Google Scholar

(no subject) 02 Dec 2004

Somebody had to be very bored to come up with a reverse google site.


Resolution #3 07 Jan 2003

Blog far less frequently... only joking! Have been quite busy with a little 3D computer graphics program. It's quite cool but more about that later.

My quest is almost accomplished! When you search for "David Butler" in Google, Nimisis.com comes up at number 2 out of 1.2 million! Yeah baby.

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(no subject) 03 Dec 2002

My quest is starting to get somewhere. Typing "David Butler" into Google places nimisis.com at a dizzy number 34! With all these Butlers giving the rest of us a bad name at the moment , I seem to be getting leap-frogged! Ah well, sooner or later we'll get to the top ten.


Dave Butler, I Want You! 03 Oct 2002

A couple of days ago I typed "David Butler" into Google and found out that this site only ranked around 115th. I'm sure we can do better than that. To have nimisis.com appear top is my goal. This is my Everest! So come on and give me some encouragement, if your name's David Butler then please let me know that you came by leaving a comment below. We'll bond over the ether. I realise that this is...