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3 days to go 10 Feb 2003

Yup, that's all I've got left at Hoare Lea. Right now I'm very excited about the new job. Sort of 99% excited, 1% scared. You hear these stories of people turning up on their first day at work, sit down at their desks, look around at the people and say to themselves, "Oops!" ...but I'm sure that won't happen. It's not going to be like The Office. Speaking of which I got series one of The Office...

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Overtime! 25 Sep 2002

Did a bit of overtime today. Oh dear, am I getting too keen? It's good work though. My company does cool projects like the ones shown here.

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(no subject) 24 Sep 2002

Most of the graduates in the other offices know me as "the Feng Shui guy" now after my presentation... so it must've been all right. If it wasn't at least I can't be accused of being unoriginal! The conference was cool though. Reading University seems like an ideal location for a graduate conference and a nice place to study too. Great bar. No photos unfortunately, <whisper> I think the partner...

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