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Euston Church 01 Nov 2010

This is a plug for a new church in Euston. From their About page:

"We are a church community in the Euston area; part of the Church of England; and committed to putting the Bible at the heart of all we do. Whether you are working, studying or living in central London, we hope you'll find something for you here."

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London Bus Route Maps 31 Jul 2009

We've launched a new sister site called WhatBus.com which displays an integrated map of all the bus routes in London, a bit like the ubiquitous London Tube map. Hope it's useful!

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Holocaust Exhibition 11 Jan 2009

The Imperial War Museum in London, in particular the Holocaust Exhibition is well worth a visit. Shocking but important to learn a bit about it I think.

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Keep track of Beijing Olympics 2008 08 Aug 2008

Google have made a useful tool to track the many events at this year's summer Olympics.

Btw, wasn't the opening ceremony brilliant?! I'm thinking London 2012 might struggle past having a penny farthing and some chubby monarchs!

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Are you at risk of flooding? 25 Jul 2007

The damage due to the flooding here in UK is still all over the news, but unfortunately, the worst may still not be over! There's still a load of water that presumably still has to come down the Thames to London...

The environment agency has a useful little utility that lets you check what the risk of flooding is in your area and see a map. Just enter your post code.

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You can't afford a decent logo for London 2012?! 04 Jun 2007

Come on guys! The budget is £2.4bn £9.35bn !

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Flora London Marathon 16 Apr 2007

I was pretty tired after last year's London Marathon. I didn't run in it, but I did do some exercise that day :) Anyway... this Sunday is when it comes around again. It's always great to have a lie-in, wake up, flick on the TV and see lots of people sweating it out. Good on them! There are lots of people running for some great causes.

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London 2.0 22 Feb 2007

"Some of the web's most innovative developers might want to check the temperature when they arrive for the Future of Web Apps conference this week -- in tech circles, this city is getting hot again."

London's developers and entrepreneurs should find this article quite encouraging!

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Walking on water in London 05 Oct 2006

I think I'd probably fall in if I tried this.


London 2012 06 Jul 2005

Yay! The Olympics are coming to London! Where can I get tickets for the beach volleyball?

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South Africa 12 Sep 2003

Question: Where in the world can you see 100 football matches being played in one place on one day?

Answer: Hackney Marshes, NE London. There you'll find no fewer than 87 full-size football pitches. Tomorrow I'm going to be playing there so before I head off for an early night let's get something down for Sept... My slackness is probably due to this festival of sport we've had recently and I've ...

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Security checks 09 Mar 2003

too. It's great the way they make out you're actually going on a real aeroplane, checking in etc. Mind you they did do a security check and everything, and each capsule was scanned by people with metal detectors before people can get on. The check on my bag wasn't very thorough. Maybe they're just looking for people who look a bit like this guy .

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Observations of a Marathon Runner 01 Dec 2002

1) Geese attack you
2) Whereas most people "hit the wall" after about 15-20 miles, I hit it at about the 2 mile mark...
3) Athlete's Foot, Tennis Elbow and Housemaid's Knee are nothing compared to "Jogger's Nipple." That'll teach me for running in a shirt with a logo on it!

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(no subject) 19 Oct 2002

Still haven't done any sort of training for the London Marathon... I need to have "The Fear." Besides, my application will probably get rejected and well, some people take training just far too seriously!

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Me, A Marathon Runner 08 Oct 2002

Am I going mad? I'm going to apply to be in the London marathon! Think it'll be a good laugh actually, and a good reason to keep fit. Am definitely starting to look a bit lardy and harpoonable. To confirm that I'm losing my marbles I decided to go along with J's suggestion and went for supper at an Afghan restaurant tonight. There was even what I reckon was a picture of the Tora Bora cave compl...

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(no subject) 21 Sep 2002

If anyone's looking for a room to rent in Central London , there are 4 rooms free in this house. It's situated just off Baker Street and Marylebone Road. 130 p/w... and you get me for a housemate - talk about value!


St. Matthew's Day 19 Sep 2002

St. Matthew's day is on the 21st and the reason I mention this is because it is a tradition of my old school to march through the City of London every year on St. Matthew's day . Lead by the school band we all group according to our boarding houses, and march past bewildered pedestrians , avoid the evidence of the presence of mounted police and go to see the Lord Mayor. It's all good fun :)

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Wet Wet Wet 11 Jul 2002

I'm back! Well, sort of. Broadband isn't up and running yet but I am hosting this site on my own server after all so there's no reason not to carry on writing entries! I've just been quite busy... So anyway, I've completed the move, been here for almost 2 weeks now and am settling in. Central London is cool but very expensive - my haircut today cost £15! It also seems to rain a lot here. Appare...

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