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Pitching for funding 30 Oct 2009

Submitted today the WhatBus.com idea to GeoVation, who are offering funding up to £21K. Development on the site, in particular a mobile application, is paused right now so that money would certainly help!

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Convert web page to image 10 Sep 2009

HTML2Image is a new piece of software we've developed that captures the HTML code of a web page and renders it to an image file . This is useful for making a thumbnail or snapshot of any standard URL. The trial version is limited with having a watermark on all images that are created. A license to upgrade to the full version costs $25.

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London Bus Route Maps 31 Jul 2009

We've launched a new sister site called WhatBus.com which displays an integrated map of all the bus routes in London, a bit like the ubiquitous London Tube map. Hope it's useful!

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Facebook Connect comments widget 25 Feb 2009

All blog post comments here at Nimisis.com are now being done through Facebook. It was actually very easy to set up - only a few lines of code. More info on how to do this on your own blog is available from the Facebook developers section.

Looking forward to your comments!

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Question Bank 24 Feb 2009

Made a new mashup today called Question Bank. It uses the Yahoo Answers API to present the latest questions being asked there in an auto-updating feed. Some popular categories are sports, computers & internet and travel.

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Superbowl commercials 02 Feb 2009

Congratulations Pittsburgh Steelers. It was a pretty exciting game towards the end. The BBC coverage did however lack the much hyped Superbowl commercials. Got to give the marketers huge credit in managing to get people to actually want to watch them! Wish marketing my websites could be as effective...

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Obama inauguration 20 Jan 2009

The big day's arrived and as expected there's a lot of hype. But it is interesting to read up on some of the details and also see the list of previous inaugurations. Pretty sure the security has never been this tight though!

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Macgyver problems 04 Oct 2008

MacGyver was a tv series that many in their 20s and early 30s will remember fondly. I used to look forward to it so much! Admittedly it is very dated compared to say The Wire or The West Wing. But if you also were a fan, check out this inspired Wikipedia article that lists all the MacGyver inventions.

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Remote control electronic scoreboard 24 Sep 2008

Presenting a new piece of software - this time for Mac users! Scorer is an electronic scoreboard that can be controlled via the Apple Remote. Take your laptop to your next volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton game that you're playing in and let this keep the score for you. [Download]

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Mapping free wireless internet hotspots 27 Aug 2008

A new website is now available for those who want to find free wifi hotspots for surfing the internet on a laptop when away from home.

The site's called Wifi-o-maniac and uses Google Maps to chart hotspot locations. You can even add your own that are not already in the database.

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Spread Trading 07 Aug 2008

Got a free ticket to a Traders University seminar from Knowledge to Action yesterday. Thought I was going to learn more about trading strategies - turns out it's all about spread betting . Be aware that this IS gambling people! It was all extremely disorganised but there were interesting parts to it. At the end they asked for £3K to attend a 2-day course... to which I said no thanks.

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What's next after Wall-E? 28 Jul 2008

Allow me to introduce Pixar's "Up", their next offering to be released in May 2009. Disney has also got another film in production due out six months earlier called "Bolt" which you might also like to check out.

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What do McCain and Obama stand for? 27 Jul 2008

Can't really help you there. But here's a useful Google gadget that performs a video search through the speeches made by the two presidential candidates for keywords such as "health" or "Taiwan" to hear what they've said about those issues. A search for "change" by Obama might yield a fair few results!

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Twitter Watch 2 15 Jun 2008

A new version of Twitter Watch is out. The main improvement on the original is that the live feed of tweets can now be translated into a selection of languages. There are a lot of Twitter users who don't write in English!

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Pagerank update April 2008 30 Apr 2008

Google have just done a pagerank update. If you have the Google toolbar installed you should see that Nimisis.com is back to PR4. Same for PriceCutReview.com and Sport.omani.ac. About time too!

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Another Mashup of the Day! 29 Apr 2008

Got awarded a second Mashup of the Day by ProgrammableWeb.com, this time for Twitter Watch. We would like to thank...

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Twitter watch 23 Apr 2008

Finally got the chance to try out Twitter recently and I can see why some people find it addictive! Useful too... a story made the news last week about someone managing to alert his friends and family after getting wrongfully arrested.

Anyway, I like sites that have an api for users to make their own mashups so I've made Twitter Watch. It came up with some interesting stuff - like there being a...

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Wii Mario Kart 11 Apr 2008

...had its UK release today! And for once the US release date is after the UK's. The game is getting rave reviews, partly because it's always been great, and partly because of its innovative wireless steering wheel, not to mention the added feature of being able to race online with anyone in the world!

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Now a Dofollow blog 03 Apr 2008

Nimisis.com is now a "dofollow" blog. That means that any outlink to a website left in the comments won't have the "nofollow" tag. To explain, a link with the "nofollow" option tells search engines not to follow the link and therefore won't assign the external website any extra ranking. So now, unlike most blogs out there, this option will be omitted. As long as the comments are worthwhile, it ...

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Real time website statistics 18 Mar 2008

Want to see your website's visitors the moment they arrive? Interested in where they came from and how they navigate around your pages? Well, you can with Live Web Stats, which is now out of beta and available for webmasters with PHP and MySQL on their servers to purchase and install.

A demo page is here.

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Online world country quiz 16 Mar 2008

Below is a famous CNN gaff showing Switzerland after it had apparently invaded the Czech Republic. Would you have spotted it? Here's an interactive world country quiz that tests your knowledge of world geography.

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Engadin ski marathon 2008 01 Mar 2008

Been training for the last couple of months now and the day is fast approaching when I'll be hauling myself around some snowy part of Switzerland with a few thousand other blokes with skis for 26.2 miles. No, it is NOT downhill. Search on YouTube if you'd like to see what it's all about. Will report back when I return in a week and a bit!

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Google Pagerank Update January 2008 11 Jan 2008

It's happening... the Google servers are giving different numbers for PR, so I'm guessing we're in the middle of another update!

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Learning Mandarin Chinese 09 Jan 2008

I've noticed recently that more and more people are learning Mandarin here in UK. As a Mandarin speaker myself, I think it's an ambitious thing to take on, but if you fancy it, here are some useful resources. In addition to the actual language, familiarity with Chinese idioms and proverbs is very useful and comes up in everyday conversation. And if you come across a character you're not familia...

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More Christmas gift ideas 17 Dec 2007

There's also something for the impatient grown-ups among us. Another gadget is the Tefal Quick Cup. You don't have to wait for the water to boil before you make your drink, it comes out boiling hot... and it's apparently more energy efficient than the old fashioned kettle!

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Christmas gift ideas 13 Dec 2007

. More gift ideas coming soon!

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Super Mario Galaxy 28 Nov 2007

Splashed out and got Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii today, and it's every bit as good as the reviews say it is! Huge attention to detail and loads of levels packed in yet still intuitive to play and altogether awesome!

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Pole to Pole 27 Nov 2007

Remember Michael Palin's TV programme Pole to Pole? Interesting as that was, he didn't go from one pole to the other using only human power, he left that to these two nutters. Rob and James are already half way there. Why? To highlight climate change and also top what they did last year, becoming the youngest ever Britons to climb Mount Everest.

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Live sports chat 17 Nov 2007

This is a plug for Sportomaniac - a new user-driven live sports chat site. Sports fans can gather while a fixture is going on and voice their views, vent frustrations and even vote on how well the referee is doing! A demo page is available to check out here.

Registration is required to participate in the banter, but that's quick and easy. A page for a particular event can be created by register...

Sportomaniac, Scotland, Euro 2008

Pixar presents Lifted 19 Oct 2007

Lifted - a very entertaining animated short :) A sort of driving test with a difference!

Pixar, animation, video

Trouble at Mill 04 Oct 2007

Wallace and Gromit are back! Nick Park has announced that a new animation short is going to be on our screens at the end of next year. See his interview as well as a whole bunch of all-time favourite W & B clips for free here.


Mashup of the Day! 18 Sep 2007

PriceCutReview.com got awarded Mashup of the Day today at ProgrammableWeb.com. Thanks a lot!

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Two degrees 06 Aug 2007

You know Facebook is getting popular when your dad joins up...

I've made a web app that uses the Facebook API to find friends that aren't on your list but should be. It's called "Two Degrees" because of the Six Degrees of Separation idea.

Two degrees uses Ajax and has been tested on Firefox2 and IE7. If your browser has an anti-phishing filter then it will take slightly longer before you see the ...

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Google PageRank update for July 2007 has started! 18 Jul 2007

If you own a website and have lately been trying to improve your Google PageRank, you might be interested to know that the website rankings are now just starting to change. Keep watching that PageRank button on your Google Toolbar for, hopefully, a higher number!

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Maths lessons to improve maths skills 24 Jun 2007

ConquerMaths is a virtual tutor that helps you get better at maths. Covering subjects ranging from algebra to trigonometry, the lessons are mainly geared towards pupils aged 11-16 though really they're open to anyone who wants to become more numerate.

BBC online did a feature on Conquer Maths saying that a Teeside school doubled its GCSE pass rate because of it and pupils even logged in on Chris...

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Live Web Stats 31 May 2007

With a bit of javascript voodoo, MySQL magic and php trickery, you can find out, in real time, who's visiting your website, where they came from and where they're going. Here's a demo page of what I'm talking about.

This is still in beta, but if you're interested in installing Live Web Stats on your website, find out more here.

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Those crazy snails 17 May 2007

If we could talk to snails, we'd probably find out that they're actually adrenalin junkies. They're always playing chicken on the pavement with the passers by, and judging by this YouTube vid , they're forever messing around with each other like hyper-active monkeys, only at a slower pace.

Flix users have already shown me their lazy cats and now these daredevil snails. Someone must have a pet tu...

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Make money from taking photos 01 May 2007

Rate yourself as a bit of a photographer and want some extra pocket money? You don't have to be a pro and work for a newspaper anymore. A couple of sites accept photos from Joe Public and will sell them for you for a fee. Check out iStockPhoto and CitizenImage.

iStockPhoto is the bigger of the two. My application is still being processed. This involves a little test to check that you've learnt ...

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How accurate is Alexa? 30 Apr 2007

Alexa.com, the "web information company" is designed to provide statistics on the popularity of websites on the internet - I just wonder how accurate it is at doing so.

Alexa gathers its statistics using the Alexa Toolbar which is an add-on to Internet Explorer. There's the first problem - there's no official Firefox version. . I think most would agree that the more savvy web user will tend to u...

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Flora London Marathon 16 Apr 2007

I was pretty tired after last year's London Marathon. I didn't run in it, but I did do some exercise that day :) Anyway... this Sunday is when it comes around again. It's always great to have a lie-in, wake up, flick on the TV and see lots of people sweating it out. Good on them! There are lots of people running for some great causes.

London, marathon, charity

Online world geography quiz 08 Apr 2007

My ignorance when it comes to geography is truly shocking and I've been meaning to do something about it. So, here's a little world geography quiz Google Maps mashup I've whipped up using the Google Maps API. Hopefully you'll learn a few things with it! I'd certainly never heard of the tiny island nation of Pitcairn before today...

geography, Google Maps, mashup, project

Four wickets in four balls 29 Mar 2007

Lasith Malinga almost got Sri Lanka out of jail yesterday in their World Cup match vs South Africa. If you missed it, watch it here.

cricket, World Cup, Lasith Malinga

Everything half price! 28 Mar 2007

Update: This idea has now become a website in its own right at PriceCutReview.com.

Amazon had a sale recently which has now ended sadly, but it got me thinking. Everyone likes a sale, so why not try to find the products on Amazon that are going for a heavy discount? That's exactly what "Half Price Bargains" does. I'm unveiling it today so grab yourself a deal!

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Wittertainment at its most wittertaining 17 Mar 2007

This is a phrase coined by film critic Mark Kermode with reference to the nature of the banter that goes on between him and Simon Mayo every Friday on BBC Five Live. Reviews are often quite witty, they witter and the result is quite entertaining, hence the term. They also have a podcast version in case you miss the radio show or prefer that format.

Existing fans of the show might like to be info...

Wittertainment, film, Mark Kermode

Freelance animation 12 Feb 2007

This is a quick plug for my colleague Martin who's got a portfolio of cool animation projects and is also involved in the production of a comic called Fruit Punch. He's also hoping to start freelancing soon so contact him if his work interests you.


Google PageRank Calculator 08 Feb 2007

The latest addition to my list of homebrew applications is a Google PageRank calculator. If you have a website and want to do some search engine optimisation this will hopefully be a useful tool.

I thought I'd also use this entry as a place where comments can be posted for PR score comparison purposes, so feel free to add what your site scored, how many pages were crawled and the number of calc...

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Climate change and global warming 30 Oct 2006

A stitch in time saves nine nineteen according to Nicholas Stern. Read the Stern Report here.

What can you do to help stop global warming? Find out here.

climate change, global warming, Stern report

How to animate music 14 Sep 2006

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24: Day 5 Marathon 10 Sep 2006

A seemingly ridiculous way to spend a sun drenched saturday is to get up at 6:30am and go to watch an entire season of the TV series "24". Without adverts this takes up about 18 hours but no, it's worth it, well worth it. Eye strain, dead butt-cheeks and DVT are a small price to pay to witness Jack Bauer, the anti-terrorist, come up with lines like, "the only reason you're conscious right now i...

24 marathon, Jack Bauer

(no subject) 14 Aug 2006

Just retracing some of my steps using Google Earth and Google Maps and noticed that the reservoir in Central Park looks as if it's either got a very narrow bridge across it or a tunnel. How great would a glass underwater tunnel be ! See for yourself.

Google Maps, Google Earth

Flight sims 12 Aug 2006

Goggles isn't a proper flight simulator like the ones used to train pilots but an online game that makes clever use of Google Maps.

flight simulator, Google Maps

Mango book club 08 Aug 2006

A few weeks ago, Mango book club sent me a parcel with a book that was apparently the Editor's choice for me. It certainly wasn't my choice. As far as I was aware, I never signed up to this book club and did not owe them £1.99 for their trouble. The bill then went up to £14.99 and I was on the verge of being referred to a debt collection agency. I found this out when I got back from my recent t...

Mango Book Club

Hat dobbing... and Latin 23 May 2005

Having managed luckily to avoid jail in the seven years since I started at uni, I was allowed to go back up there last Saturday and collect a free MA. This is some Cambridge scam but I'm not complaining. As my friend Alex quite rightly pointed out, because we'd already got Master of Engineering degrees when graduating the first time, surely a Master of Arts degree would make us Masters of the U...

Cambridge, MA

(no subject) 06 Feb 2005

What's wrong with this photo taken a few hours ago of welsh rugby captain Gareth Thomas? Is it that his jersey says "Brains" on it? Not what I was thinking originally but good guess... no, I'm sure he's very bright... Wales won against England at rugby?! It can't be true!

Gareth Thomas, rugby

The Nightmare before Christmas Eve 29 Dec 2004

What I really didn't want to happen for Christmas happened on Christmas Eve. I did something I always do without fail - I turned the handle to flush the toilet which, as expected, started the flush. What wasn't anticipated was my superhuman strength which caused the fairly solid metal handle to shear right off, causing it to plop into the swirling mini rapids of the bowl and flush itself down t...


(no subject) 06 Dec 2004

Well, it's 4 o'clock in the a.m and I've just got back from the office! Lucky me. This demo I've been slaving over for the past few weeks is being shown at an expo called I/ITSEC this week and it's going to kick some butt. If you're in Orlando do check it out at the Primary Image stand.

Primary Image

(no subject) 03 Dec 2004

It's another costume theme this year for the work Christmas party. What a hassle! If it wasn't so garish I'd almost be tempted to go as Bruce Lee with that yellow jumpsuit he wore in Game of Death. Hmmm... this may not quite fit in with the Renaissance theme though... Surely it's bordering on harrassment to force employees to dress up as idiots in front their colleagues?

Christmas, costume

Bond, James Bond 13 Nov 2004

By no means am I a big James Bond fan but this list of potential future Bonds is ridiculous!

James Bond, MacGyver

(no subject) 26 Oct 2004

Lego robot plays Super Mario Bros... and wins

Lego, Super Mario

Three Lions One Tiger 28 Jun 2004

Euro 2004 isn't the Three Lions' this time around because of Urs Meier's gross refereeing ineptitude... But could Wimbledon 2004 be one Tiger Tim's? Whatever happens, let's just get Boris Becker out of the commentary box! I can put up with Alan Hansen's stock phrases like <scottish accent>"chance after chance after chance"<scottish accent> but Boris is just too much!

Wimbledon, Tim Henman

(no subject) 11 May 2004

A panda eats in a cafe. He finishes his sandwich, fires a gun in the air and walks towards the door. When the waiter asks in confusion what he thinks hes doing, the panda throws him a badly punctuated book on wildlife: "Panda. Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves".

I mention this old joke because I got asked by a colleague whether the word "supplied" h...

joke, grammar

(no subject) 04 Apr 2004

This guy called Steve Price was performing magic tricks after church today. It was very good! To think it's already been a year since we couldn't get away from David Blaine . This was much better!

magic, David Blaine

Mahjongg 13 Mar 2004

Mahjongg's a new game I learnt whilst in Taiwan. When I say Mahjongg I mean the 4-player version which is also a kind of Chinese rite of passage, not the solitaire kind. I'd hinted to my mum in the past that I wanted to learn how to play but had assumed that this had fallen on deaf ears. I was wrong. A trip last month to my aunt's place was, unbeknownst to me, all about an opportunity to teach ...

Mahjongg, Taiwan

(no subject) 27 Feb 2004

Number magic.


"Cosmopolitan and chic"... 09 Jan 2004

...apparently is what Courchevel 1850 is described as, so why we blue collar workers are going there tomorrow I have no idea! May well be doing lots of this in the week and scare some french folk.

skiing, Herman Meier

Happy New Year! 06 Jan 2004

Seeing as Princess Diana is making a come back I guess I should too. Here are some photos from our James Bond themed company Christmas party! In case you were wondering, those things at the end of my arms are my metal hands, because OBVIOUSLY I'm Dr No... well, I alternated between him and Michael Jackson from time to time...

New Year, Princess Diana, photo, James Bond, Christmas

David Blaine 12 Sep 2003

It took us 3 hrs to drive back to Surbiton from central London on Sun night and I blame it all on magic man. Why starve yourself for 44 days? And why do it in London? And why why WHY do it beside a bottle-neck like Tower Bridge? On a day when they were going to have a mock chemical attack and there was cricket at the Oval. Anyway, I reckon he's eating insects... or maybe his cage is edible, lik...

David Blaine, magic

Gangs of New Malden 23 Feb 2003

I'm in! All unpacked and ready to go in my new place. It's nice too, except the other day I turned the shower on and it decided not to let me turn it off even a little bit afterwards... Otherwise it's great, that's been my only problem... oh, and no internet yet. Hopefully soon though!

New Malden

Who would you vote out of the stable? 26 Dec 2002

Well, the Queen's speech was good I thought. Thanks to both of you for voting! But yes, I've got another poll.

Hope you had a great Christmas by the way!

Queens Speech, Christmas

(no subject) 24 Dec 2002

Everyone seems to be out on the streets desperately buying Christmas presents today. Talk about leaving it to the last minute! It isn't hard to get something really cool though. How about a Buzz Lightyear? Or a Go-ped? Or some Lego .

Christmas, lego

(no subject) 23 Dec 2002

New vote today: Will you be tuning in to the Queen's Speech on Christmas Day?

Queens Speech, Christmas, vote

(no subject) 20 Dec 2002

Oh joy of joys, it's the work Christmas party tonight.

work Christmas party

Share predictor 10 Dec 2002

After a fair few months of development, I'm now finally ready to show the world my online share predictor! Right now you're probably thinking, "Yeah right Dave, sure you can predict tomorrow's stock market prices!" But bare bear with me. I'm going to start a little experiment to quiet all you cynics. Yesterday I invested a virtual 100k to buy and sell shares with over the next few weeks. If my ...

share predictor, stock market

Rejection 09 Dec 2002

My marathon aspirations have taken a slight hit today in that my application has been rejected. Oh well, nevermind. I was really quite gutted, then I had a sudden revelation, and it went a little something like this -

"Actually, sod marathon running! What sort of personality-less loser runs for their dose of exercise anyway? Forrest Gump springs to mind. Okay, so he came good, but is it a sport?...


Observations of a Marathon Runner 01 Dec 2002

1) Geese attack you
2) Whereas most people "hit the wall" after about 15-20 miles, I hit it at about the 2 mile mark...
3) Athlete's Foot, Tennis Elbow and Housemaid's Knee are nothing compared to "Jogger's Nipple." That'll teach me for running in a shirt with a logo on it!

London, marathon

(no subject) 26 Nov 2002

Having together enjoyed so much watching Bond and his arsenal of Q's gadgets do battle on the ice in Die Another Day last night, the guys from work and I decided to go to the Marble Arch ice rink. It's great. Far better than the Somerset House one. I can recommend it!

ice skating, Marble Arch

Marathon Training 16 Nov 2002

Help, I've just come back from a 50 minute run and I'm gonna die. It feels good though. I took my walkman with me because I think it helps me not to walk all of it. I went right through Regent's Park, up Primrose Hill, then round the west side of the park and back home.

Going up Primrose Hill was definitely the hardest part. On came "No Woman No Cry" about half way down the Regent's Park Broadw...

marathon, Primrose Hill

(no subject) 15 Nov 2002

Got some new running shoes yesterday so training for the marathon can begin!

marathon, rugby

(no subject) 19 Oct 2002

Still haven't done any sort of training for the London Marathon... I need to have "The Fear." Besides, my application will probably get rejected and well, some people take training just far too seriously!

London, marathon

Me, A Marathon Runner 08 Oct 2002

Am I going mad? I'm going to apply to be in the London marathon! Think it'll be a good laugh actually, and a good reason to keep fit. Am definitely starting to look a bit lardy and harpoonable. To confirm that I'm losing my marbles I decided to go along with J's suggestion and went for supper at an Afghan restaurant tonight. There was even what I reckon was a picture of the Tora Bora cave compl...

London, marathon

Where are you from? 28 Sep 2002

Most personal websites seem to have "guestbooks" which visitors are supposed to sign but never do... at least I've never signed one. But what if I had a "guestmap"?


St. Matthew's Day 19 Sep 2002

St. Matthew's day is on the 21st and the reason I mention this is because it is a tradition of my old school to march through the City of London every year on St. Matthew's day . Lead by the school band we all group according to our boarding houses, and march past bewildered pedestrians , avoid the evidence of the presence of mounted police and go to see the Lord Mayor. It's all good fun :)

St Matthews Day, London, Christs Hospital, photo

(no subject) 02 Sep 2002

If I wrote an email like this to you, thinking that you may have been an old classmate in school 14 years ago, would you write back?

Sorry if you're not the person I think you are, as reimbursement for the waste of time reading it I hope that this email may be of some mild amusement value at least...

Anyway... I was just looking on friendsreunited and thought your name was familiar. If you're the...

Durrington, school, email

(no subject) 24 Aug 2002

I think it's due to the discomfort this experience is causing me that I'm strangely really craving some skiing. Sure you can get very sunburnt on the slopes too but at least one is fairly well covered all over. And yes, severe sunburn is preferable to a broken leg, but I've really missed storming down a piste and frequently crashing in a similar manner to that almost gymnastic moment in the 19...

sunburn, Herman Meier, IMAX, X Games

Paint By Numbers 01 Aug 2002

The fruit of my labour for the past couple of days has been a solver for these paint by numbers games that can get ever so frustrating. Yes, I DO need to get out more. To be fair though, these games can get quite challenging. Maybe a quick way to know what the right answer is will be of use to someone else too?

Paint By Numbers, Marios Picross, Nonogram, Hanjie, Griddler

(no subject) 15 Jun 2002

It was great to watch Denmark play like they had a plane to catch. Got quite abusive during the match... I called them citizens of a stub of a country, full of Vikings and only worthy of acid rain... Sorry, very embarassed and ashamed now. World Cup fever is taking over!

Bring on Brazil or Belgium.

England, Denmark, World Cup