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(no subject) 08 Dec 2002

Last weekend I was in Cambridge, this weekend it was the Dark Side. Am I scouting and plotting revenge for the varsity rugby match this Tues? No, I was invited by Oli to a Merton MCR dinner. Any excuse to dust off the old DJ and be Bond-like .

For Oxford people Oli's mates seemed quite normal though. Well, those in the hockey team apparently broke three noses in one game the other week so I trie...

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(no subject) 17 Jul 2002

Went for a day out in Oxford with Oli yesterday since he's going to study at Merton College next year. For a college that belongs to a second-rate university, very nice! It's not Downing College but still very pleasant. Met up with Steve and proceeded to go to the pub, had a crisis on a punt, missed Liz's phonecall and went back to a pub where Oli taught some american students from D.C. how to ...

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