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Demographics prediction 19 Apr 2007

From Microsoft adCenter labs is a potentially quite powerful tool that predicts the demographics for a particular search term.

"You can use adCenter technology to predict a customer's age, gender, and other demographic information according to his or her online behavior-that is, from search queries and webpage views. General Distribution is the breakdown by age of MSN Search users-based on a one...

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Microsoft fails on security 06 Mar 2007

For the second time now, Microsoft has failed a test of its virus detection capability at Live OneCare. I thought they were supposed to be concentrating on security... I mean, isn't that supposed to be one of the big selling points of Vista?

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Microsoft must be hurting 23 Feb 2007

Profits were down last quarter, Vista sales are poor, Google are selling web apps to rival Office and there's one massive mp3 fine coming. Looks like 2007's going to be a tough year for Microsoft...


Vista? No thanks. 24 Nov 2006

Microsoft is getting ready to roll out Vista and I really can't think of any good reason to upgrade.

There are 6 different versions to choose from, so it's not immediately clear to me which one is most suitable. Then there also seems to be a pretty draconian license agreement that should put most people off.

Perhaps if I bought a new machine and had Vista pre-installed then I might just keep it....

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Free Windows Vista CD 16 Aug 2006

Update: Page no longer exists!

By completing this quiz , you can get a CD of Microsoft Windows Vista beta 2 sent to you for free. I'm not a Microsoft fanboy by any means but it could be interesting...

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(no subject) 31 Oct 2002

A rejection letter from Microsoft for a place on their graduate scheme appeared on my doorstep yesterday, dated FOUR MONTHS after I was told I had got a second round interview. Am annoyed. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. I'll admit that the appeal of MS was the XBox and the possibility of working on that, but then again thinking about it the video gaming industry may not be the best thi...

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