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Chinese New Year 07 Feb 2008

It's Chinese New Year 4706! Have a good one :)

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Happy Chinese New Year! 08 Feb 2005

It's the year of the rooster.


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Another Year Gone... 20 Jan 2004

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! A bit early I know but I'm off to Bristol for a few days... they'd better have some good Chinese restaurants there.

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Happy New Year! 06 Jan 2004

Seeing as Princess Diana is making a come back I guess I should too. Here are some photos from our James Bond themed company Christmas party! In case you were wondering, those things at the end of my arms are my metal hands, because OBVIOUSLY I'm Dr No... well, I alternated between him and Michael Jackson from time to time...

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Resolution #3 07 Jan 2003

Blog far less frequently... only joking! Have been quite busy with a little 3D computer graphics program. It's quite cool but more about that later.

My quest is almost accomplished! When you search for "David Butler" in Google, Nimisis.com comes up at number 2 out of 1.2 million! Yeah baby.

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Resolution #2 31 Dec 2002

Move. Out of the dump that I call home at this particular point in time. South west London seems to be quite appealing. Battersea or Clapham I think. Some new flat mates would be good. Petros, a poisoned dwarf, is my nearest neighbour and is terrorizing me every night by bouncing his basketball non-stop... I've had enough!

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New year's resolution #1 31 Dec 2002

I have 70.96% more of this work day left and then I can go home. An Austin Powers dvd has already been put on by one of the guys, solitaire is everpresent on the computer screens and I've been listening in to my neighbour's domestic over the phone. How foolish was I to turn up a tortuous ten minutes early today... I've done next to nothing. It's a toss-up between asking for some work and being ...

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