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Win a Nintendo Wii Fit 13 May 2008

They've been pretty elusive, but there's a competition that's free to enter at PriceCutReview.com with the prize being a Nintendo Wii Fit. Open to UK residents only. Closes at noon on 1st July 2008. If you can't wait that long then there's also an in-stock notification service here.

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Nintendo Wii Fit 24 Apr 2008

It's the UK release date for the Nintendo Wii Fit tomorrow. There's now no excuse not to get a bit healthier and do some exercise! Just in case stock runs out like the Wii console did, there's a Wii Fit stock finder to help get hold of one.

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Wii Mario Kart 11 Apr 2008

...had its UK release today! And for once the US release date is after the UK's. The game is getting rave reviews, partly because it's always been great, and partly because of its innovative wireless steering wheel, not to mention the added feature of being able to race online with anyone in the world!

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Nintendo DS Lite in stock checker 15 Dec 2007

Nintendo pulled their TV adverts for the Wii last week because stocks were so low. There's still a trickle, but I get the feeling people are giving up. Sales for the portable DS Lite are way up and even they are now very hard to get hold of.

So, I've made a stock finder for DS's too . If you're in search for a DS, I hope it helps you find one.

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Super Mario Galaxy 28 Nov 2007

Splashed out and got Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii today, and it's every bit as good as the reviews say it is! Huge attention to detail and loads of levels packed in yet still intuitive to play and altogether awesome!

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Where can I buy a Nintendo Wii? 14 Feb 2007

Lots of people are still desperately looking for a Wii so if you're one of them, sign up to my stock alerts! Go here if you're in US and here if you're in UK.

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Nintendo, Wii have a problem 07 Dec 2006

The Wii comes out tomorrow and unless you're willing to queue out in the rain overnight, or have a pre-order for tomorrow, getting one will have to wait. Luckily, there is an excellent site that will track inventories across the UK for new stock and alert you if you so wish - Nowinstock.net.

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A Wii bit exciting 06 Nov 2006

Here's a video showing The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess on starting up on the soon to be released Nintendo Wii.

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The Nintendo Wii is cool 13 Oct 2006

Why? Watch this.

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The Wind Waker 04 Feb 2003

The next Zelda game coming out on the Nintendo Gamecube is called, "The Wind Waker!" That's a terrible name! Surely a 15 certificate straight away...

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